Get your retargeting back

The problems all site owners face

Your Retargeting

Retargeting represents over 80% of all display ads

Retargeting was negatively
affected by Apple’s iOS 14
update; yet retargeting is the single most powerful tool in converting visitors to buyers

Visitor Interaction

Most visitors take little to no action on your site

Less than 3% of website
visitors actually fill out forms
online and those that do, 81%
don’t even complete or
submit the form

The Unknown

You are not being proactive

Most companies don’t have
the ability to be proactive in
contacting their website
visitors simply because they
don’t know who is visiting¬†their site

The Solution

Start Getting Actionable Data

Get actionable data that your competitors don't have

Google Analytics and other analytic platforms are great at measuring traffic and behavior, but they offer no real actionable data. Image the ability if business owners to see who is visiting their site, allowing them to identify them by NAME, EMAIL, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and more!

With no data, there is no growth

Without knowing who is visiting your site, what site they came from, and most importantly, not knowing how to contact them, you are simply leaving money on the table. Start being proactive with your visitors!

Get personal and efficient

With our system, your web visitors are no longer a stat, but a potential customer that you can reach out to right away! We have an average 40% match rate to all your visitors, every single day! The marketing possibilities from this data are endless.

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Truly Targeted Marketing

Marketing With Intent

Too many companies use marketing strategies that are basically, completely blind!

Hit your target market every time. No more guessing.

A company can do competitive analysis, market analysis, analyze metrics and much more to determine what is the most successful way to reach their customers. But the fact is that even after such daunting and expensive tasks, companies only have “an idea” of who their customers are; not who they really are.

With Monolith Intel, our customers can get real information on who is visiting their website. Not such a “profile” of their customer, but “actual” customers! Imagine the value of doing marketing initiatives with real life customers to target!¬†

Targeted Outreach Marketing

Strategic and Targeted Outreach Marketing

With Monolith Intel, unknown visitors are turned into highly segmented and highly targeted leads than be reached by all major marketing channels

Works on any platform